The Foamery

What is a Foam Party?

A foam party is exactly what it sounds like – an event where you get to play, dance, and party in several feet of bubbly suds. Created by a foam high output Foam Cannon, this foam isn’t the sticky and won't ruin your clothes; instead, it offers all the fluffy foam with none of the mess.

Depending on the foam party, your guests might enjoy the foam at an outdoor birthday party, on the dance floor, or special party activity. Foam parties are fun for guests of all ages and are even a favorite for special school or daycare events.

What Events are Good for Foam Parties?

Graduation Parties, Birthday parties, Sweet 16’s, Day Camp, Day Care, Block Parties, Back to School, Festivals, Church Groups, Fundraising, Corporate events, University functions, or just for fun. FOAM parties are not just for kids, they can be fun for grown-ups too!

No Hassle Foam Parties

We’ll bring the equipment, set it up and run it.

Fun for ALL ages, new and exciting, have a party that nobody else has ever had! Have a foam party in your own backyard! Our special foam formula doesn’t harm grass or clothing. 

You might think foam is made from soap and water, so you are going to get cold, wet, and sticky. Not with our Foam! If you are planning to play in the Foam for an extended amount of time, we do recommend wearing a bathing suit, bringing a towel and a change of clothes. The solution used in our foam machines is 100% Naturally Organic making it 100% safe for you, your guests, pets, and the planet. 

All we need from you is an electric and water connection within 50ft!

What Types of Parties Do You Offer?

Below is a list of our current parties and some upcoming party types!


Standard Foam Party: Our Standard Foam Parties include at least 1 hour of Foamy Fun with our High Output Foam Canon, Music, and two Highly Trained Foam Pro's! Standand Foam Parties start at only $249.99.


Gender Reveal Foam Party: What better way to reveal your babies gender than by having a Colored Foam Party! We pre-mix the solution so you won't know the color until it comes spraying out the cannon. Includes 30 minutes of colored Foam and 30 minutes of standard Foam. Gender Reveal Foam Parties start at only $349.99


COMING SOON Glow Foam Party: This party will include all the same fun as the Standard Foam Party, but with UV Blacklight Foam. Blacklights will be provided as well! Pricing TBD




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